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Tamiya RC 1/10 XV-02 PRO Chassis Kit #58707

Tamiya RC 1/10 XV-02 PRO Chassis Kit #58707

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Tamiya RC 1/10 XV-02 PRO Chassis Unassembled Kit #58707 in factory sealed retail box.

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The all-new XV-02 Pro chassis kit is Tamiya’s second modern era, purpose built, 4WD Rally machine! The XV-01 Pro incorporated a 4WD belt drive system with clever positioning of the RC electronic components with debris protection compartments. The all-new XV-02 Pro takes its 4WD drivetrain into a different direction by using a shaft-driven system with front mid-ship motor placement that incorporates equal length front and rear propeller shafts!

* NOTE: This is a KIT and requires: Servo, 2CH Radio System, ESC, 540-type Motor, Battery, Charger, Rally Body, PS Paint and Assembly. Some of these items are shown in the photos for example only and are not included.


  • Comes with two 39T differential gears and one 40T differential gear for adjustment of front and rear drive balance. (Over-Drive and Under-Drive Adjustment)
  • Use 39T gear (w/15T gear) on the front and 40T gear (w/15T gear) on the rear for drive balance bias to front and vice-versa for drive balance bias to rear.
  • Features newly-designed parts such as gears, bathtub frame chassis, chassis cover, caster blocks featuring 6-degree caster angle (XV-01 chassis: 10-degree caster angle), and bumpers with skid angles to reduce surface contact.
  • The motor mount, propeller shafts, input and center shafts, and urethane bumpers have new metal parts.
  • Features a longitudinal battery pack position in the center-left for optimum balance.
  • Long aluminum dampers are employed at front and rear.
  • A polycarbonate chassis cover with wheel well liners help prevent dirt and dust from getting inside.
  • Suspension arms and front uprights are based upon the XV-01 chassis kit.
  • Comes with rally block tires and wheels.
  • Chassis length 368mm (excluding body); width 180mm; Wheel base 257mm

Hop-Up Parts Included:

  • Front & Rear Universal Drive Shafts
  • Front & Rear Oil Filled Differentials
  • Front & Rear Long Aluminum Dampers
  • Front & Rear Aluminum Drive Shafts
  • Aluminum Servo Mount
  • Hi-Torque Servo Saver
  • Full Ball Bearings

* Adjustable Gear Ratio: Yes
* Bearings: Includes full ball bearings
* Chassis Material: FRP Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
* Chassis Type: XV-02
* Construction Type: Assembly Kit
* Differential Type: Gear (oil-filled)
* Drive Type: 4WD
* Electronic Speed Control (esc): Not Included
* Motor: Not Included
* Scale: 1/10
* Shock Damper: CVA oil filled
* Suspension: Fully Independent Double Wishbone
* Terrain Use: Multi-Purpose

Required To Complete (not included):
* 2 channel transmitter (Tx)
* 2 channel receiver (Rx)
* 1 Steering servo
* 540 Type Motor and ESC
* Rally Body
* Transmitter batteries
* Drive battery pack (7.2V-7.4V)
* Battery charger
* Tamiya PS paint

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