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Tamiya Hop-Up UGT-Tuned Motor (24T) #54391

Tamiya Hop-Up UGT-Tuned Motor (24T) #54391

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Tamiya Hop-Up UGT-Tuned Motor (24T) #54391 OP-1391 in factory sealed retail package.

Ships 1 business day after payment.

Free 30 day returns with 20% restocking fee for opened retail package.

Tuned brushed motor.

- Black can and end bell
- Replaceable brushes (replacement brushes not included).
- End bell heatsink integrated with brush holders
- Detachable inboard capacitor
- May be used in official Tamiya races

- 24 turn 540 type motor
- Input voltage: 6.6-7.2V
- RPM: 19,400 @ 7.2V
- Torque at recommended load: 15,200 RPM (7.2V)
- Maximum torque: 49 mNm

*1 When using with XV-01 PRO or XV-01T, extension cable may be required.
*2 When using with TT-02, TT-02D, TT-02B, TT-01 Type-E, TT-01 Type-ES, DT-02, DT-03 or DF-02 chassis, please install full ball bearings.

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