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Hitec HS-125MG "Thin" Metal Gear Wing Servo #32125S

Hitec HS-125MG "Thin" Metal Gear Wing Servo #32125S

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Hitec HS-125MG "Thin" Metal Gear Wing Servo #32125S in factory sealed retail package.

Ships 1 business day after payment.

Free 30 day returns with 20% restocking fee for opened retail package.

The analog HS-125MG is a thin servo measuring 1.2” x 0.4” x 1.3”. Featuring Hitec’s MP Gear, the HS-125MG is very durable, and a perfect fit for slim wings of high performance gliders.

- Indirect Drive Potentiometer
- Dual Ball Bearing
- Narrow Dead Band Width &High Standing Torque
- 4 Metal Gears & 1 Metal Plastic Gear
- Slim Size

- Speed: 0.17sec/60° at 4.8V
- Torque: 3.0kg/cm (42oz/in) at 4.8V
- Weight: 24g (0.84oz)
- Size: 30 x 10 x 34mm (1.18 x 0.39 x 1.33in)

- Gliders & Wings
- All Thin Aircraft Wings

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