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Carisma RC

Carisma GT24RS 1/24 Scale 4WD RTR Brushless 80468

Carisma GT24RS 1/24 Scale 4WD RTR Brushless 80468

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Carisma GT24RS 1/24 Scale 4WD RTR Brushless 80468 in factory sealed retail box.

Ships 1 business day after payment.

Free 30 day returns with 20% restocking fee for broken seal.

This micro Rally Car comes with everything you need right out of the box...even the batteries.

The GT24 RS is a 1/24th Retro Micro Rally Car that's inspired by the classic era of 70's and 80's Rally Car history. The body is a nostalgic nod to the classic RWD Rally pioneers, although this version is 4WD, offering the best in retro looks and a modern RC drivetrain.

With brushless power as standard, and sporting features like 2.4Ghz radio gear, a fast responsive hobby grade steering servo, Rally Pin tires and a fully ballraced 4WD transmission, these 1/24th Rally Cars not only look the part, they perform way beyond peoples' perception of a 'Micro' vehicle. It's the perfect vehicle to allow you to create your own special stage in the living room or hallway, or turn a backyard or the local park into a complete Retro Rally Championship. The size and portability of the GT24 means big fun, wherever you want to run it.

* Interference Free 2.4GHz Radio Gear
* 8000kv Brushless Power As Standard
* 7.2V NiMH Micro Stick Pack Included
* High Traction Rally Mini Pin Tires
* 4 x AA batteries for TX Included
* Safe 5v USB Charger Included
* Hobby Grade Steering Servos
* Full Independent Suspension
* CTX-2000 2.4G Transmitter
* Fully Ballraced Driveline
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