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Rage RC

Rage RC Micro Vintage Stick RTF Airplane (Red) RGRA1112

Rage RC Micro Vintage Stick RTF Airplane (Red) RGRA1112

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Rage RC Micro Vintage Stick RTF Airplane (Red) RGRA1112 in factory sealed retail box.

Ships 1 business day after payment.

Free 30 day returns with 20% restocking fee for opened factory seals.

The Rage R/C Micro Vintage Stick takes a step backwards in time to a nostalgic look that evokes memories of yesteryear, but with modern carbon fiber materials and updated radio technologies like 2.4GHz. This classic-appearing aircraft is not only a great way to build R/C piloting skills, but also an enjoyable model for experienced R/C enthusiasts to fly in compact areas. The Micro Vintage Stick is produced with simple and durable construction techniques - such as the carbon fiber "stick" airframe and foam flying surfaces. The featherweight (24g without battery) construction and high-capacity flight battery combine to deliver adequate power for aerobatics like loops, spins, and barrel rolls or extended flight times when enjoying more relaxed flight maneuvers.

The Micro Vintage Stick features a factory-applied vintage red WWI-style trim scheme with everything required to fly in the box; including a 2.4GHz 4-channel capable transmitter that also doubles as a charger for the 3.7V 150mAh LiPo flight battery and integral control board with ESC and servos. The only additional items required are four AA batteries for the transmitter and you can enjoy flying a classic aircraft from a bygone era at your local park or gymnasium within minutes of opening the box!

- Ultralight wing loading allows for a wide flight performance envelope-from lazy figure 8's to loops, spins, and barrel rolls.
- Rudder, Elevator and Throttle control.
- Compact 400mm wingspan allows for easy transportation and storage.
- Durable yet lightweight carbon fiber fuselage and frame.
- 2.4GHz Airborne Control System with integrated servos, receiver, and ESC
- 2.4GHz transmitter provides interference-free link between pilot and aircraft
- Includes 1S 3.7v 150mAh Lipo battery for extended flight times

- Wingspan: 16 5/8" (422.3mm)
- Length: 14 3/4" (374.7mm)
- Wing Area: 75 (4.84 dm/sq.)
- Weight with Battery: 1 oz. (28g)
- Battery: 1S 3.7v 150mAh Lipo
- Transmitter: 4-channel capable, 2.4GHz system
- Airplane Control: 3-Channels - throttle, rudder, elevator
- On-Board-Electronics: Combination RX/ESC with integrated servos

Required to Fly (not included):
- 4x AA batteries for transmitter

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